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Personal Finance for Freelancers and Artists

Produced by Creative Live, Written and Taught by GALIA GICHON

Surviving and thriving as a freelancer or working artist requires strong financial management skills, but getting there can seem stressful and overwhelming. Join financial expert and MBA holder Galia Gichon for a course you can't miss!  It's a  painless, seven-step plan for taking control of your personal finances.

In this three-day course, you’ll set financial goals, create a budget that works for you, and establish the habits that lead to financial health. You’ll learn how to make financial planning less time-consuming by spending 30 minutes a week directly focused on your budget, spending, savings, and investments. You’ll also learn how to create immediate growth in your savings and investment accounts. Galia will also share key techniques for taking the stress and uncertainty out of planning for retirement.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently and successfully manage your personal finances, and have more time (and money!) to do the work you love.

Buy this class now! You can download it and watch it over and over and over.  You can't afford not to!

You can watch SAMPLES of the class here.


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