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Finance Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

  • Are you a startup that needs to tackle your financials?

  • Are you an entrepreneur that wants to get a better handle on your business financials?

  • Do you need to project your profit and loss for your business? To raise money or just get your business off the ground or to the next level?

  • Does dealing with your finances seem intimidating?

We promise this workshop won’t be boring!  A workshop that covers finance fundamentals and a personal finance checkup that entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their business.


Tackling your business finances (and personal finances) doesn't have to be painful! In fact- it can be …. FUN!


This workshop covers the finance fundamentals entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their business.  It also covers a Personal Finance checkup so they don’t stress about managing their money - all from an independent expert with 20+ years experience! Surviving and thriving as an entrepreneur, freelancer or startup requires strong financial management skills, but getting there can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially when your income is variable. Through this workshop you will learn:​

• How to set financial quantifiable goals that turn into higher profits

• Be clear about earnings, margins and revenue model

• Manage expenses

• Understand the fundamentals of successful business models

• Scaling operations

• Project realistic assumptions; key numbers to regularly track

• Determine fees and business model

• Learn about capital raise cycle from pitch decks to raising money

• Personal Financial Planning checkup


We promise you’ll leave with an action plan to get your business (and personal life) to the next level financially!  You can’t afford not to attend.

Date: January 29, 2020

Time: 10- 12pm

Tickets: $40

Location: Office Evolution


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