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Simply Money Week 1

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Last night was the first night of my Simply Money Group. I am still on a high from the fantastic outcome of this group. It is a 12-week weekly group that helps women start talking about money on a regular basis and change your money habits for the better, plus see progress on your goals.

I knew we were off to a good start when Simply Money was listed on Urban Baby this morning.

Imagine a room filled with women focusing on bringing in positive energy to their money, wanting to learn about interest rates and already making changes in their money life! Here were some comments:

"I was so scared to come. But am leaving so excited to be here." "I can't believe how many ideas I got tonight that I hadn't even thought of." "I feel energized and motivated to look for more income this week!"

At the end of the note during the group activity, I actually had to ask people to stop talking about money. I even heard some laughter! Who knew?

Our money affirmation for the night was "I talk about money with the people in my life" from "My Money Matters" kit.

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