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Five Feng Shui Steps To Financial Fitness

This is the full article by Ann B. Gallops, and is a great look into the spiritual side of money.  You can find her blog article here.

Are finances on your mind?

From a money point of view this time of year culminates on Tuesday April 17 when U.S. 2012 income taxes are due, so most of the folks I know are deep into making sure their financial houses are in order.

Tax time can be super stressful.  If you’re concerned about finances and looking for support, here are five great ways Feng Shui can help:

1.    Attend to your Wealth corner. It’s time for a “Chi-Check” in this key part of your home and your office. Take a look at what’s accumulating in the back left-hand corner of your space, the area of Feng Shui’s Bagua Energy Map that represents Wealth and Abundance in your life.  Give it a good cleaning and place an item there that has real value to you

2.    Start a Gratitude journal. This is one of my favorite ways to start accumulating Wealth – by showing your appreciation and gratitude for the Abundance you already have in your life.  Keep your journal in the Wealth corner of your private space – your bedroom perhaps – to stay in close contact with your intentions for abundance.

3.    Get in touch with your money by paying cash. Feng Shui is equal parts physical and transcendental, visible and invisible, Yin and Yang.  Using cash – actually touching your money — makes it that much more “real,” getting to the heart of the physical aspect of Feng Shui, and bringing your awareness to how much you actually spend each day.

4.    Enhance your Travel & Helpful People sector. Activate your intention to get the financial help you need by sprucing up your Travel/Helpful People sector (located in the inside right corner of your space, diagonally opposite Wealth). Place items here that symbolize the types of help you need to get your financial house in order.

5.    Cut down on financial clutter. Throw out and/or shred outdated paperwork: taxes pre-dating 2005, monthly financial statements, automate as much as possible by paying bills online, and streamline as much as possible to create good Chi flow for your money.

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