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Finding the Time to Manage Your Finances

While I focus on people’s personal finances, so many of my clients are Entrepreneurs. I can’t ignore their business finances and end up helping them in both areas! I have two amazing programs next week that you shouldn’t miss!

Her Corner Accelerator in D.C. Starts next Friday, Jan 31st. 

It’s so hard to find the time to manage your business and personal finances.  There is a long list of other things we’d rather do.  Today’s newsletter offers guidelines on how to manage your business and make measuring the performance of your business a priority! This includes measuring your monthly financials and scaling.

Making Time for Business Development

Great article from Her Corner on the difference between Business development and Relationship Development. Both important but looking at it from a different angle that will help you focus on creating a process that brings you more business and more time to manage your business.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Another great article from Her Corner about landing bigger, better clients. This will help increase your profit margins, allow you to pay yourself more steadily and create retirement accounts that are fully funded! My favorite tip is: “Sometimes it is helpful to get your toe in the door as a subcontractor before you can land the big contract.” A client of mine, Justine Clay, is offering a wonderful workshop on How to Get more Higher Paying Clients.  I support this because I want you to Save More!

12 Month Financial Projection

I keep talking about this but recently did this exercise with a client and they immediately landed a higher-paying client! Start with calculating your financial revenue goal for a year from now. Then breakdown how many clients you need to fill that goal and how much they would each pay. You can diversify your income streams, charge clients differently or simply raise your rates by 20%. I guarantee this exercise will lead to more revenue! 

Don’t forget….

Finance Fundamentals For Entrepreneurs workshop on Jan 29th.   Her Corner Accelerator in D.C. Starts next Friday, Jan 31st. 

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